Ever wonder how the insurance companies can afford to buy stadiums, super bowl commercials, and tons of air-time in commercials on your favorite TV and radio stations? By denying people fair compensation for their injuries and losses.

At the Bonakdar Law Firm, we fight for people who were injured.

Areas of Personal Injury

  • Car & Motorcycle Accidents
    • Whether you were a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, driving while on the clock for your employer, and even if you were hit by an uninsured or under-insured motorist.
  • Construction/Manufacturing Injuries
    • Injuries on the job, caused by another contractor or company on the job.
  • Dangerous Products
    • Defectively manufactured and designed foods/food packaging, electronics, commercial equipment and tools which cause injury.
  • Dangerous Property/Premises
    • Slip and trip and falls, negligently maintained buildings, failure to warn or protect from dangers on property (whether the danger is other people, criminal conduct, etc.)
  • Dog Bites
  • Legal Malpractice
    • Suing lawyers who promise, but fail to deliver, and otherwise abuse the trust of the public.

If you or a loved one are injured, before you take that call from the insurance company, and before you sign ANYTHING, Your First and Best Call is the Bonakdar Law Firm.™

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